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Introduction to NTT Worldwide Telecommunications

This page introduces NTT Worldwide Telecommunications (NTT WT), which launched its activities under a new structure to consolidate and accelerate global data center operations in NTT Communications (NTT Com) Group.

Centralization of Overseas Data Center Operations

We have started our business under a new structure in order to centralize the procurement and quality management of data centers that had previously been procured individually by NTT Com’s global group affiliates. Also, our ultimate goal is to realize globally unified service management and standardization of processes.

Thus far, we have established new branches in New York, London, Paris, Singapore and Malaysia. NTT WT’s data centers are now operating in these cities.

Taking advantage of the recent increased global demand for data centers, we are taking steps to enter a new business area with the goal of reducing costs by large-scale procurement and quality improvement through centralized management.

Recently, U.S. companies have expanded into the Asian market, and it is not uncommon for such companies to use data centers in order to acquire an IT environment on a par with that available in the U.S. Therefore, we have to respond to our customers’ demands for high quality on a global scale. Accordingly, NTT Com Group developed its own standards, combining the evaluation standards commonly adopted in Japan and those that were recommended by The Uptime Institute (a private U.S. organization that has conducted research into data center-related issues) and know-how and technologies accumulated by NTT Com Group. Based on this, we built a new structure to provide you with high “NTT Quality” data centers worldwide.

Aiming for Global Development of Our Data Center Operations

We just launched our business with new members further accelerating the speed of our services. NTT WT is aiming for the global expansion of our business, and our future goal is to grow our data center business so as to be one of the pillars of NTT Com Group’s business operations.

To realize our goal, borderless worldwide provision and operation of high-quality data centers is vital.

NTT WT always aims to ensure that the data centers she procures are well-received by customers both in Japan and around the world, and NTT Com’s ICT solutions are used by a growing number of satisfied customers.

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