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NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Official Website (URL: is run by NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corporation.

Guarantees and limitations of liability

Use of the NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Official Website is the responsibility of the customer. NTT Worldwide Telecommunications assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any and all damages arising from the use of information taken from this Web site or from that of other companies that have placed links to their site on this Web site.

Applicable laws

NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Official Website is managed by NTT Worldwide Telecommunications. Although the site can be accessed from countries around the world, all with differing laws, by accessing this site, both customers and NTT Worldwide Telecommunications agree that use of this site is bounded by the laws of Japan and the regulations of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, regardless of the differences in applicable legal principles.

NTT Worldwide Telecommunications provides no indication on the Web site of the suitability of the content for customers' particular environments. Access to the site is by the customer's own free will and responsibility regarding use of the site lies with the customer.


Cookies make browsing easier for users who visit the Website regularly. They neither infringe on the privacy of customers, nor inflict any damage to user's computers.

NTT Worldwide Telecommunications may collect information from cookies which identify users' overall preferences or access patterns. NTT Worldwide Telecommunications (including its subcontractors that undertake researches and analyses) use the information to evaluate access trends and improve customer service. NTT Worldwide Telecommunications takes necessary measures to protect such information and treats it in the same manner as the privacy information. Users may reject cookies by changing the settings in their browser software.

However, if you intend to use certain functions of the Website such as inquiries online, you need to enable cookies. For details on how to change the browser settings, visitors should contact their respective software manufacturer.


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Privacy Policy

Please refer to Privacy Policy for the information on our Privacy Policy.


All information, company logos, trademarks, and graphics appearing on the Web site are copyrighted and belong to NTT Worldwide Telecommunications. Use of the copyrighted material is subject to the following restrictions:

The copyrighted material may be displayed, reproduced or printed for personal use only, on condition that copyright information is clearly provided, and may not be appropriated for viewing by third parties or used for commercial purposes.

Any other uses, reproduction, or redistribution of the copyrighted material require prior, written permission from the Web site management division of NTT Worldwide Telecommunications. The material shall in no way be used in a misleading manner.

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