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NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corporate Mission

We are experts of data center engineering and operation in NTT Communications Group.

Our scope of work covers planning, designing, construction, project management, operation and maintenance of data center buildings, facilities, and systems for new construction, floor space expansion, renovation, and migration.

With the aim to improve customer service at all times by supporting global cloud services seamlessly and continuously, we contribute to realize a more prosperous society.

To plan, design, build, operate & maintain high quality data centerTo keep data center operational and improve their quality

Today, multinational corporations strongly require their business continuity against all kind of business risks.

Under such circumstances, safe, reliable and secure global ICT infrastructure becomes more essential. ICT infrastructure is a nervous system for business management and operation, and plays mission-critical functions.

Based on our own global standards, we provide reliable high-quality data centers for NTT Communications Group companies and their customers all over the world.

With PDCA actions to improve service quality and functionality, we provide secure and reliable ICT infrastructure.

Seven Global Policies

With its seven global policies, NTT Worldwide Telecommunications aims to provide data center service that is trusted by enterprise customers.

Seven Global Policies

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