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Green Technology

Floor space-saving and cost efficient, environmentally-friendly, most reliable next generation UPS system

Rotary UPS

Rotary UPS utilizes inertia kinetic energy produced by spinning flywheel and provides electric power to ICT load when utility power fails.

Operating multiple rotary UPSs in parallel and redundant configuration, high availability and reliability of power supply can be realized.

Rotary UPS has the following merits from an ecological viewpoint in comparison to static UPS.

  • less energy loss because no AC/DC currency conversion is required,
  • no need for air-conditioning in the UPS room,
  • no usage of lead-acid batteries results in no emission of toxic waste,
  • smaller foot print without lead-acid battery layout.

Smart Airflow Management Systems  [Smart DASH <sup>®</sup>]

Smart airflow management system visualizes thermal condition in a server room and controls individual air handling unit operation dynamically by its unique intelligent feedback mechanism.

Collecting and monitoring thermal data of those sensors placed at different positions in a server room, this system analyzes and studies thermal air condition proactively. Finding the most effective cooling airflow pattern, the system turns on and off relevant air-conditioning units dynamically to avoid hot spots and keeps server rooms within a preferred thermal range for ICT equipment, and thus reduces air-conditioning energy consumption maintaining data center cooling systems reliability.

Our operation result at San Jose Lundy Data Center and Virginia Sterling Data Center shows electricity consumption reduces by over 7.6 million kWh and carbon emission by 8.8 million lbs. (4 million kg) a year.

* Smart DASH is a registered trademark of Vigilent Corporation.

Fuel cell technology installed at San Jose Lundy Data Center in California consists of five Bloom Energy Servers TM with a total capacity of 500kW and produces over 4.2 million kWh annually. This fuel cell system generates electricity from biogas which is regarded as carbon neutral.

Powering a data center generated by the fuel cell system on site, it can save electric power from the public utility continuously.

* Energy Server is a trademark of Bloom Energy.

Aisle Capping

Aisle capping is air flow control technology, separating cool air supply to ICT racks (low temperature) and hot exhaust air from ICT racks (hot temperature) physically by installing separation walls and roofs at/on aisles between rack rows.

Aisle capping can save climate control energy consumption approximately 35% compared with traditional non-separated airflow design.

* Aisle capping is a registered trade mark of NTT Facilities, Inc.

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