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President's Message

Kazunori Tanaka

Kazunori Tanaka
President and CEO
NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corporation

Facing today’s rapidly changing business environment, many enterprises shift their production and sales bases to overseas for aiming at favorable position in the global market. Their global ICT needs to be expanded and modified according to their business expansion. Restructuring of ICT systems will be required for enterprises to cope with management subjects such as securing business continuity against disaster, strengthening network and systems reliability, and maximizing productivity.

NTT Communications Group connects data centers with reliable and big capacity networks currently placed in all over the world to support their global business. NTT Communications Group hopes to become their Global ICT Partner providing one-stop solution from the infrastructure layer of network and data center to server and application management layer, under Global Cloud Vision of NTT Communications.

NTT Worldwide Telecommunications has the responsibility to plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain data centers at home and abroad. In addition we provide installation, operation, and maintenance services for NTT Communications’ domestic telecommunications network buildings. We are providing infrastructure management for optimal ICT services, as professional data center engineering experts in the group companies.

NTT Group has cultivated experience and know-how of designing, engineering, operation and maintenance of telecommunications network, facilities, buildings and data centers over the years. We will support and realize mission-critical ICT operation and business continuity of global enterprises by offering economical, reliable and high quality data centers seamlessly.

Your continued support would be greatly appreciated.


Kazunori Tanaka

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