NTT Worldwide Telecommunications’ Business Overview

Engineering work for data centers provided by NTT Communications Group

  • Planning, designing, project management for data center construction
  • Server room space expansion, facility expansion, renovation, and migration of data centers
  • Validation and introduction of energy-saving advanced technology
  • Budget control, project management, and construction process standardization for data center projects
  • Consulting, construction and operation supports of data center
    * Site survey, building and facility survey, design, feasibility study, procurement contract support, etc.

Operation and maintenance about buildings, facilities, networks and systems of data center

  • Operation and maintenance, process management and improvement, and quality control
  • Standardization of facility design, construction and operation; preliminary survey, regular audits, business process improvement
  • Preventive maintenance, incident response, proposal and implementation of preventive measures, vendor negotiations
  • Operating rules, work manuals, guidelines development and formulation

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